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Error when trying to connect nodes in prefab edit mode

Creating connections while in prefab mode is not allowed. This is an unfortunate consequence of how things were designed initially:
The issue comes from the fact that connections are stored in a separate object, the _CurvyGlobal_ object which has a component of type CurvyGlobalManager. Because of this, creating a connection in prefab mode is not allowed, since it would modify an object that exists outside of the prefab.

A work around for this limitation could be to make your script check if it is running in prefab mode (PrefabStageUtility.GetCurrentPrefabStage() != null) and create the connections only when not in prefab mode.

The error message you got was misleading. Sorry for that, I will correct the message in the next update.

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RE: Error when trying to connect nodes in prefab edit mode - by _Aka_ - 06-02-2023, 10:27 AM

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