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FollowSpline Speed Question
Hey... We were talking on Unity's forum and I am moving that thread here to your support forum Curvy thread.

I currently have a custom script which is called during an "[font]OnTriggerEnter", that detects when my character running along the spline collides with a sphere collider.  I have created dynamic sphere colliders which are used as waypoints on my path.  As soon as my character collides with a waypoint sphere collider, I want to dynamically change the speed of my character.

My character is using your "Follow Spline" script (with the updateAbsolutePrecise function) which moves it along the spline path, and I am looking to dynamically change the speed value for the Follow Spline script from my OnTriggerEnter function on my custom script.  

Do you have a specific method or approach to easily do this as it seems I am having difficulty accessing and setting variables and functions which use static, private and protected options.  

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FollowSpline Speed Question - by mwitt8178 - 06-11-2014, 06:35 PM

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