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Custom Spots Filter Generator Module

Thanks for sharing the solution.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about the SubArray struct?
To avoid such issues, I could hide SubArray.Array to the public, while providing an indexer:

        /// <summary>
        ///  Returns the array element at the given index
        /// </summary>
        public T this[int index]
            get => Array[index];
            set => Array[index] = value;

The issue with this being that SubArray, and the whole array pooling thing, are heavily orientated towards performance. So I prefer to keep the SubArray.Array public to allow for better performance. But I see that it can lead to confusion. I purposely named SubArray.Count that way, instead of Length, to avoid accidentally using the Length of SubArray.Array instead of the one of SubArray.
Anything thoughts?

PS: I will provide that indexer in the next update
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Custom Spots Filter Generator Module - by mercior - 03-09-2023, 05:41 PM
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