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Inaccuracies with offseted Shape Extrusions
Hey Guys,

thank you for the awesome tool first of all. I use it often since a few years, but for minor spline related stuff most of the time.
I'm now digging into the possibilities of the generator tools, again. I checked it out before, but just for my own pleasure. 
Now I'm asked by my employer (we build virtual/mixed reality, motion enabled simulators) to build a rollercoaster scene in unity to demonstrate a usecase with our hardware and unity as an IG/whole engine. 

Ok, curvy is my first goto tool for things like that, but I ran into some problems.

My main goal is to have ONE curvy spline defining the TRACK of the COASTER.
I'd like to design the editor tools needed to generate a track scene out of it.

The situation:
I hooked up some generator graph with one MAINSPLINE, a RAILSHAPE and then some ModifierTRSShapes to place the rails offseted where they need to be, BuildShapeExtrusion and BuildVolumeMesh nodes and then a CreateMeshNode.

This actually works fine, but I have some visual artefacts I can not resolve.

The problem:

There appear edges in the (offseted) shape extrusions and especially afer a swirl it doesn't fade back well. Really not well.

Resolution parameters are (as far I can see) on max settings (in the forward axis).

Curve formula I'm using is Bezier, but i tried others and the results were the same (or otherwise not what i wanted Wink)

[Image: dEQ5fKI]
[Image: yKDLnGC]

Do you have any suggestions how I can get better results from the rasterizing/meshing modules?

I'd really liko to do this with curvy Smile

Kind regards

Michael Menzi
(Brunner Elektronik AG)

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Inaccuracies with offseted Shape Extrusions - by MichaelMenzi - 12-09-2022, 07:51 PM

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