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Scene 51 questions
Scene 29bis_CGDeformMesh_Railway showS how to set a track using mesh deformation and not mesh extrusion.
About generating surrounding objects, multiple example scenes show how to that, for example: 28_AsteroidBelt, 25_CGExtrusionAdvanced, 22_CGClonePrefabs
As you stated, scene 51 shows how to switch between generators to give the illusion of an infinite track.
By combining the techniques used in all the scenes above (plus reading the documentation), you should be able to achieve the intended result.
About the IA, I am no expert in that field, but I guess you will have to use Curvy's API in your AI's script to get and set the distance from the nearest spline. See CurvySpline.GetNearestPoint for example.
Please let me know if you have any specific question I haven't answered yet.
Have a nice day
Let me know if y
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