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Activate Curvy Generator After Scene Load
I'm using Curvy generators for a project to simulate wires during a virtual assembly of a robot. It works great during the initial assembly scene, but I have an issue where the generator stops updating for a time after switching scenes (the robot including the wires use Object.DontDestroyOnLoad to carry over between scenes). In my project the user can switch scenes to test their assembled robot in a trial scenario and then switch back to the assembly scene to make adjustments. When they return to the assembly scene, they should be able to click and drag the connectors to re-connect the wires differently, but currently the Curvy Generators are all stuck after re-loading the scene and I can't figure out how to get them to start updating again. They do seem to start working again on their own sometimes, but it usually takes several minutes. Is there something I need to do to re-initialize or otherwise force the generators to start updating again after the scene loads?

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Activate Curvy Generator After Scene Load - by jdkirk1 - 04-29-2021, 03:37 PM

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