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Performance lag for Endless Road generation

First of all thank you for making such a useful asset. This has been saving me a lot of time in making levels for my game.
I have a levels where the character has to run on an end less track until it completes certain objectives and the track has to keep on extending till then, As you can see in the attached picture, I am using one main spline with the basic shapes as the ground track and other two splines to create the side walls with a wall prefab.

Now whenever the character is 50 unit distance from the last point of the track spline, I extend the end point of the spline by another 50units at run time. While extending the endpoint of spline there is always an obvious lag which is difficult to ignore and affects the gameplay.

As you have already mentioned in the docs and in forum answers that extending splines at runtime are costly. Can you please tell if there is any solution or suggestions to achieve this runtime implementation without getting much performance impact. Note: The game will be running on mobile devices, so optimization is a priority.


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Performance lag for Endless Road generation - by User2200 - 04-05-2021, 06:11 PM

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