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Merge function for two CurvySplines
Hi _AKA_

I saw that you integrated a function to split or create subsplines. What is the best way to merge two splines within a batch script? Maybe you have a good idea? Smile

I tried it with changing the parent of the CPs (controllpoints) and then use the function SyncSplineFromHierarchy ().
Also I tried the function Add() or InsertAfter() but I was not able to "copy" the information of the original CP to the new CP.

Another thing is that I'm not sure if sometimes the Refresh() function for the CurvySpline comes too late and the next operation tries to access wrong data of a curvySpline.

The results I got so far feel a bit random and it is difficult for me to find the origin of my problem.

Background: I imported a lot of OSM data. I extended the data (like position,..) in every CP with OSM data (Street type,...). Sadly the streets consist of a lot of very small pieces and I need to merge them in a batch script. The script is running in [ExecuteInEditMode], so the result will be saved in the scene.

Best Greeting

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Merge function for two CurvySplines - by HatraE - 01-19-2021, 08:26 PM

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