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MoveByLengthFast missing on upgrade
Hi, my old code uses MoveByLengthFast. I've looked at the other solutions on here but non seem to work for me.

I have a spline like so:

  private CurvySpline ChosenPath;

then find a position on it like so:

  PathPos = ChosenPath.MoveByLengthFast(ref NearestTF, ref dir, shipdata.HalfLength, FluffyUnderware.Curvy.CurvyClamping.Loop);

I don't want to put the new spline controller on the object I'm moving so how to I get the position on the spline I need?


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MoveByLengthFast missing on upgrade - by arkon3 - 10-21-2020, 08:51 PM

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