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Getting Data from a dirty module

i decide to try curvy to speed up level design of my game, but it not won..

I would like to make a deformed mesh to follow the spline, so i made this Generator:

i got the error bellow

[Curvy] Getting data from a dirty module. This shouldn't happen at all. Please raise a bug report. Source module is Volume Spots (FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.Modules.BuildVolumeSpots)


FluffyUnderware.DevTools.DTLog:LogError(Object) (at Assets/Plugins/DevTools/Classes/DTUtility.cs:801)

FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CurvyGenerator:Refresh(Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CurvyGenerator.cs:577)

FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CurvyGenerator:TryAutoRefresh() (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CurvyGenerator.cs:616)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CurvyGenerator:Update() (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CurvyGenerator.cs:245)
Can you please send me the scene (or project if necessary) having this error?
Have a nice day
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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