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Unity 5.1.1 upgrade issue
Hi Jake

I just upgraded my project to 5.1.1 from 5.0.1 and I am seeing this error:

Failed getting triangles. Submesh topology is lines or points.
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Utils.MeshInfo:.ctor(Mesh, Boolean, Boolean) (at Assets/Curvy/Base/CurvyUtility.cs:59)
SplinePathMeshBuilderTonguerepare() (at Assets/Curvy/Components/SplinePathMeshBuilder.cs:600)
SplinePathMeshBuilder:Refresh() (at Assets/Curvy/Components/SplinePathMeshBuilder.cs:543)
RoadBuilder:BuildRoad(SplinePathMeshBuilder, GameObject) (at Assets/Curvy/RoadBuilder.cs:115)
RoadBuilder:CreateSplineAndBuildRoad() (at Assets/Curvy/RoadBuilder.cs:70)
RoadBuilder:Awake() (at Assets/Curvy/RoadBuilder.cs:24)
UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(Object, Vector3, Quaternion)
PoolBoss:InstantiateForPool(Transform, Int32) (at Assets/DarkTonic/PoolBoss/Scripts/PoolBoss.cs:97)
PoolBoss:Awake() (at Assets/DarkTonic/PoolBoss/Scripts/PoolBoss.cs:79)

Visually everything appears to be ok, but the stream of errors is worrying.

Do you have any ideas on what this could be? and how to fix it?



Hi Jake

Upon further investigation I think I have isolated where the problem lies.

Essentially if you try to extrude a "Line" shape in the SplinePathMeshBuilder rather than a rectangle or n-gon, then these errors start showing up.

I have posted to the Unity Beta list to see if there is anything underlying that could be causing this.  In the meantime any suggested workaround would be much appreciated Smile

kind regards,


the easiest "workaround" would be to apply for the Curvy 2.0 beta and use the new Curvy Generator instead of the old MeshBuilder, I've never seen those errors with the new system. Alternatively I could look up the error and see if there's an easy fix. Personally I prefer the first, as I'm very busy working on the upcoming 2.0 release. After all you'll need to rewrite your custom tools to work with the new CG because the old MeshBuilder becomes deprecated in 2.0 and will be removed with 2.1. But don't worry, you will like the new system.

Hi Jake,

Upgrading might be too painful at present as I have hacked the scripts to customise for my own needs.


FYI from the Unity Beta list:

Thanks Aras, Just checking that you don't need me to post a bug report or a project? How can I test with a patch release / when do you think it might appear? cheers Nalin

On Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:24:16 PM UTC+1, Aras Pranckevičius wrote:
Quote:I am just upgrading my project from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 and I am seeing something odd, and I wondered whether anyone had seen anything similar or had any ideas?
 Can you file a bug report with a repro case or instructions?I was just looking into another bug report that sounds very much like your case, but I can't reproduce that one; and could not reproduce the issue myself yet either.
 No need anymore! Found the problem. The error is printed when code tries to read from an empty mesh (e.g. get triangles of an empty mesh). The message is harmless otherwise, but yeah it's confusing and unnecessary, will fix for 5.1 patches soon. [/align]

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