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Help creating a wedge

I'm trying to create a wedge object (like a rectangular triangle). This wedge has to be created along a path, so I can't just use a slanted cross shape.

I've tried using the "Advanced Scale" mode in "Shape Extrusion", and this is almost what I need, except for the fact that it always scales points from the center, so the end result is more like an isosceles triangle.

Am I missing something obvious here? How would you create this? Would it be possible to add a "Translation" tab that mimics the Advanced Scaling options (i.e, a fixed translation amount in either X or Y & an animation curve to control it along the path)?

(04-23-2024, 03:10 PM)Thinkurvy Wrote: Would it be possible to add a "Translation" tab that mimics the Advanced Scaling options?

I just implemented this functionality myself... somewhat: only for Y displacement (as that was what I needed) and not on a separate tab, but inside the "Scale" tab... dirty, but quick '^^

In case anyone is interested, this is what I did:

In BuildShapeExtrusion.cs (in "Refresh" method) I replaced the top line with the bottom one:
//Matrix4x4 mat = Matrix4x4.TRS(path.Positions.Array[sample], pathRotation, scale);
Matrix4x4 mat = Matrix4x4.TRS(path.Positions.Array[sample] + (TransY != 0f ? (Vector3.up * TransY * TransMultiplierY.Evaluate(path.RelativeDistances.Array[sample])) :, pathRotation, scale);

I also created the relevant TransY and TransMultiplierY  in ScalingModule.cs, using the existing ScaleY and ScaleMultiplierY  as a reference.
Thanks for sharing your solution with others.
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